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The art of gifting is all about the way you make someone feel.

Interview with founder Anita Ivancevic

  • Tell me a little bit about your passion for gift wrapping?

My passion for creating beautiful gift presentations for my clients stems from a belief that the presentation of a gift is just as important as the gift itself, especially when you’re gifting to the recipient who already has everything. The art of gifting is all about the way you make someone feel. Without even knowing what is inside of a gift, you have made the recipient feel a certain way. Nowadays, everyone is so busy and gifts seem to be an on the way to the event afterthought. Or you have to haul your gifts to get wrapped somewhere and then, they’ll be wrapped with the materials available. I founded Dallas Gift Wrap Creations with the belief that there is an art to gifting and that a concierge service is necessary. When I work with my clients, it’s not a standard, “oh red ribbon, gold paper, done” type of interaction and process. On the contrary, I meet with my clients in their home and ask them to show me their favorite things. This is my way of learning about and getting to know each client’s unique look. I then draw from these colors and textures in creating exclusively wrapped gifts that are an extension of who they are. When you give someone a gift, you’ve made a first impression that says just as much about you as it does your sentiment towards the recipient. This is just a relevant for the corporate gifts I create for businesses. Dallas Gift Wrap Creations is all about elevating the gifting experience.  

  • What was one of the biggest challenges you were able to overcome for a client?

I had a first-time client needing a gift wrapped for her husband’s birthday. It was such a gorgeous gift, honestly, it is the most unique bowl I have ever seen in my life. What was special about it wasn’t just its sentimental value to the family but also its size; it was roughly 30 inched long, 15 inches wide and 15 inches tall! To give you some perspective, that is the size of a shipping box! Or more plainly, the entire width of the back seat in my car! The pressure was on to create a box suitable enough in size and style to ensure my client’s needs were met. Needless to say, the custom specialty box I created turned out beautifully and the gift was delivered to the client’s house on time!  

  • Have you ever had a gift wrap emergency of your own?

Knock on wood, I have not. I wrap for a living and so I have lots of inspiration around me! I will say though that during the holidays when I am wrapping full days back to back for my clients, by the time I get home and address my own holiday list, gift cards sound really good!

  • What are some events we may have seen some of your work at?

It’s been a very busy year for Dallas Gift Wrap Creations! Amongst the numerous private client events I have wrapped for, I have also participated in many public events throughout Dallas. To name a few: The Zodiac Happy Hour hosted by the Crescent Club, the DSVC Dream Drive Golf Charity Tournament benefiting the financial support efforts of the DREAM fund and the Ferrari Club of Dallas events.

  • Are there any more public events coming up where we can see samples of your work?

I am SO excited that Dallas Gift Wrap Creations has been invited to participate in the 2017 Cattle Baron’s Ball legendary live auction! It’s taking place on the evening of the ball, October 21st at Gilley’s Dallas. You will be able to see samples of my work at the auction and also BID on a full day of wrapping! I encourage everyone to attend and bid! Even if you don’t bid on Dallas Gift Wrap Creations, please bid on something you like. The Cattle Baron’s Ball is the largest single-night fundraiser in the world for the American Cancer Society. Having seen firsthand the devastating effects of cancer, as both of my parents have battled lung cancer, this cause is very, very dear to my heart. Here’s to an incredible night of fundraising and finding a cure!

  • What is the best way for clients to book you?

The best way to book me is via email at or through my website: I encourage everyone to follow Dallas Gift Wrap Creations on instagram @dallasgiftwrapcreations


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